For larger facilities, such as
Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Hospitals, Sports Arenas

we first recommend that an extensive and detailed examination of your building be done first, in order to determine the needs of your facility.

We will take into account, square footage, Hallways size, Hallway height, guest Room sizes, public Restroom sizes, Waiting Room and check in areas, Kitchen areas and Restaurant Areas, types of flooring used, volume of traffic, there are many factors that need to be carefully examined in larger facilities in order for us to make recommendations on what is the best and available UVC disinfection Equipment to be used in your building in order to help keep your customers and employees safe.

This report will usually require a 3-5 day site visit and examination of the facility in order for us to put together a plan and a report that is both cost effective and efficient for your business.

$250 per hour plus travel expenses