How Does
UV Light Work?

When UV light enters a cell, it disables the cell by damaging critical nucleic acids and proteins by forming duplicate bonds called dimers. These bonds "rewrite" the genetic code of a cell rendering the organism inactive or unable to reproduce. The germicidal effects of UVC wavelengths neutralize a wide variety of pathogens.

How Long Does UVC Disinfection Last?

Factors to consider about the area being disinfected include the size of the space, amount and frequency of traffic, and materials in the space.

Can UVC Kill Covid-19?

Covid-19 is a small single-stranded RNA virus that is much easier to make inactive than mold or sporicidal pathogens. UVC inactivation is based on nucleic acid complexity and size. It is safe to say that UVC light at a targeted 254nm wavelength will be effective at inactivating the Covid-19 coronavirus. This is based on the logic and reasoning the EPA has publicly provided for determining a microorganism's resistance to UV irradiation.

  • Covid-19 Coronavirus is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus in the coronaviridae family
  • Ultraviolet light at a targeted 254nm wavelength will penetrate a virus's capsid and form duplicate bonds between ribonucleic acids (RNA)
  • Small single-stranded RNA viruses see a median of log-4 and sometimes log-5 reductions from 254nm low-pressure lamps at a UV dose of 30 mj/cm2

Is UVC Safe?

With the use of proper personal protection equipment (PPE) including skin and eye protection, UVC is safe. Without proper PPE you can experience side effects including temporary skin redness and eye irritation, however we also supply high quality UVC glasses which are safe and effective for your employees use.